New Moon in Scorpio, November 18, 2017


This New Moon encourages transformation. It's a two part process:

We allow ourselves to let go. We allow ourselves to create something new. 

The Scorpio New Moon offers an opportunity to step into the fire of change.


In this Hypnosis Session you'll receive:

Hypnosis for ChangE

•  A soothing hypnosis recording to assist with integrating the theme of this New Moon-- Transformation. 
(20 minute recording)

This New Moon hypnosis session will offer you the opportunity to anchor your personal intentions within your subconscious mind—helping you make your New Moon intentions and affirmation a reality!

Astrology for Insight

•  A New Moon affirmation for your sign. 

•  Channelled information about the New Moon.
(20 minute video)



New Moon in Scorpio Virtual Hypnosis Session $18

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This offering will be available to purchase until November 21, 2017.