Everything is energy.

Astrology is the ancient study of energy. You can use your natal chart to unlock your cosmic energy code and prime yourself to manifest what you desire. It’s simple. Learn how in this free class!


On Saturday December 15th at 12pm ET

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How Can Astrology Help?

Learn a simple way to use your astrology to get into energetic vibrational alignment.

You have a Receiving code in your your chart. It’s easy to push push push your way through life. But when you set yourself up to receive you can shift into a inner balance.

Knowing your own astrology can help you achieve this.

I’ll teach how to activate your astrological symbolism so that you can raise your vibration and power up your inner magnet.


What you’ll learn…

Which planet is associated with abundance and receiving.

How to activate that planet so that you can amp up your ability to receive.

Experience a guided meditation for raising your vibration.

How learning your astrology can help you in every key life area.

I’m super excited to share these important teachings. Sign up now and I’ll see you there!

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