February 24—March 1, 2019

I've teamed up with yoga instructor Ashley Newsome to create Cosmic Mind / Cosmic Body Retreat in Cahuita, Costa Rica!  



Please join us for this exciting collaboration that unites astrology and yoga. During this retreat you will have the opportunity to expand your self-awareness through mindfulness, movement of the body, and the ancient study of astrology. Together we'll share and explore in the jungle, on the edge of the ocean in the perfect place that supports the process of invigorating the mind and the body.

Rates & Accommodations

Pricing is all inclusive. Includes, transportation from the airport, accommodations, three meals daily, and all movement/astrology workshops. The kitchen at the Goddess Garden is an Ayurvedic kitchen. All food is organic and locally grown. 


Single Occupancy $1670

Double Occupancy $1485

Triple Occupancy $1395

Dorms (4-6 persons) $1270

*for refund information, please see our terms and conditions. 

Come with intention and openness.  It’s a week for yourself to focus physically and spiritually in an environment that is safe, calming and grounding. You are led by two incredible women who deeply care about you because of the nature of their work. You’ll get to know others who also just want to share their knowledge and light with you.
— - Hiep Nguyen

Sample Schedule  

Elemental Yoga 7-8:15am

Breakfast 8:30-9:30am

Morning Workshop 10:30-1pm

Lunch 1:00-2:00pm

Explore, Renew, Make Friends 2:00-6:30pm

Dinner 6:30-7:30pm

Fire Circle, Storytelling, Yoga Under the Stars 8:00-9:15pm

The jungle was the perfect catalyst for this group to come together to learn new tools for growth, discovery and self exploration. Lead by two amazing women, this retreat coupled the metaphysical tenants of astrology with the physicality of yoga to explore these principals in a positive, nurturing way.
— Dale Moore

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