astrology for the week of march 20-26

Astrology for the Week of March 20-26

Follow your yellow brick road... artwork by Sandy Sitron


The Sun moves into Aries! Spring Equinox! The beginning of the new astrological calendar.

Aries is the first sign. A FIRE sign. Fire is the “Identity principle.” Aries is learning about Identity in personal and action-oriented ways. The key phrase for Aries is “I am.”

I always think of Aries as the baby’s first cry when it is born. “I am” the baby cries! I am here. I am alive. 

Aries deals with themes of individuality. Defining of self. Leadership. Self-confidence. The pioneer.

Meditation for Aries from Joan Hodgson’s “Astrology the Sacred Science”:

“It is good for the Arietian to meditate often on the still clear flame on the altar, in the sanctuary of his innermost being. Look into the flame; feel it’s qualities of cleansing and illumination. See it growing stronger and brighter, and go right into the heart of the flame. Feel it burning away all that is selfish, proud, opinionated and unworthy in your nature. Until only pure love, the pure gold remains. In the flame you are one with the Great spirit. His light and power shine through you to illuminate dark places, and to bring new hope and courage to those who are despairing.”




There are no major aspects today, but the Moon is Void of Course from 6:51 pm - 6:40 am on Tuesday, so it is a great time to learn about Void of Course Moon.

The Void of Course Moon is an “in-between time.”

Our Moon satellite moves relatively fast— changing signs about every 2.5 days. Void of Course is the time period beginning when the Moon makes it’s last aspect in a sign and ending when the Moon enters the next sign. 

The Void of Course Moon is a time of distraction, confusion, and also… openness. Openness to what is unknown. It is flow-y, intuitive and undefined. 

At the VC moon you may choose to do small projects like organizing your things. You may choose to go inward and meditate. Take advantage of this time of heightened intuition. It’s not a great time to make a large announcement that you want a lot of people to hear. It’s not a great time to make a big decision. It’s definitely not a great time to spend a lot of money on a expensive item. Things may not be as they appear at this time. It’s a time for more inward, reflective processing. 

For those of you interested in marketing, getting out there and getting heard, take note— the void of course moon is a time when your words may not be noticed. So save your Instagram posts for moments when the Moon is not Void of Course!


This week the Moon is Void of Course:

March 21st at 6:51 pm - March 22nd at 6:40 am

March 23rd at 10:24am - March 24th at 9:22am

March 26th at 8:35 am - later that day at 3:45 pm



Mercury enters Aries.

"Mindset" Mercury enters Aries-- the sign of the leader, the entrepreneur, the pioneer, the warrior. This is a time period to bring these themes to the front of your mind. This is a time when we focus on mental boundaries. “Who am I?”, “What do I say yes to?” “What do I say no to?”  Practice being decisive during this time. Practice learning to love yourself fully. 



Sun Conjunct Mercury, Jupiter Square Saturn, South Node Conjunct Chiron

Full Moon in Libra 8:01am EDT

Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees 17 minutes of Libra, penumbral eclipse (subtle lunar eclipse)

Moon Void of Course 10:24am-9:22 am

A lot of energies come to a head today. Themes: Consciousness. (Sun conjunct Mercury) Letting go of behaviors that no longer serve you. (South Node Conjunct Chiron) Creating a stable base for expansion. (Jupiter Square Saturn) Setting boundaries so that you can partner effectively with others. (Full Moon in Libra) Allowing the Unknown. (Void of Course Moon)


This is a day to bring all of the Letting Go that you have been experiencing during this month to a point of crescendo. Plan some kind of ritual that focuses on connecting with your Wise Mind, your Inner Guidance. Keep your calendar light to leave space for the unknown. 


Issues in a relationship may encourage you to define where you begin and where the other person ends. Good questions for today… When anger arises within you, can you express it without putting the other person on the defensive? How would you do that? Maybe begin by owning that the emotion is your own, and that no one else made you feel it. It’s important to be able to express your anger without turning it into a weapon.

Or, are you one who is never angry, but is mysteriously surrounded by “angry” people? The Libra / Aries opposition reminds us that projecting your anger really doesn’t help. Figure out how to take it back. 



Mercury Trine Mars

The perfect transit to come down off of the intense energy of Wednesday’s Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse. Integrate your new knowledge of yourself. You have learned a lot about who you are. Today’s harmonious trine energy allows you to do something with this knowledge.



Venus Opposite Jupiter, Venus Square Saturn

Receive abundance and stability. You may have to maneuver to get yourself into a position where you can receive. We tend to position ourselves to act and forget to open ourself up to assistance. In fact, it seems like all of the fun is in the action sometime. But we all need balance between action and reception. Today is a day to discover where you can “lean back.”



Venus Sextile Pluto, Sun Trine Mars

Moon Void of Course 8:35am - 3:45pm

Do what makes your heart sing. Find great pleasure in action today. It’s a day to define your next point of evolution and take the first step on the road in that direction. As the Moon is VC most of the morning and afternoon, employ your intuition to help you know which way to move next.