mindset + manifestation

The other day I went #overboard #indepth about Saturn and the whole enlightening Saturn cycle. (cough*Saturn Return*cough)

Saturn Return happens between 27-31. But there is even more to the Saturn Return than that… basically, you get into an intense conversation with Saturn EVERY 7 years. I explained all that good stuff here. All that astro info will help you raise your awareness of what’s going on when you’re in your late 20s (or early 20s, mid/late 30s, early 40s, mid/late 50s Etc.) 

But while everything I shared is vital, there's gonna be more needed to move through the transformation with grace.

Let me back up to about 8 years ago. When I went through my Saturn Return, I already knew a lot of these juicy nuggets of astrology information because I started learning about astrology when I was a kid.

But there was a key thing that I didn’t know. And learning it has made all the difference.

You see, what I needed was a framework. A structure for the healing that needed to happen.

I floundered around for a while, finding great tools and helpful information. But none of it stuck until I settled in on what really needed to change. And it was actually, surprisingly,  two things…

Mindset + Tools of Manifestation.


I know. Sometimes when I see those words, my eyes glaze over.

But really, truly, hold on. Stick with me.

Because of the set-up within my chart, I had an “extended” Saturn journey. So I had a LOT of time to experiment with different self-actualization techniques. 

One day I was sitting on a blanket in Fort Greene park with my friend Dana, talking about her coaching work. She was like— sometimes it’s nice to receive some support, just try it. 

So I went through Dana’s program and learned all about myself. It was revealing. It was illuminating. I felt like I was spelunking into the uncharted caves of my psyche.

That was the Mindset part.

And then I learned about the power of my magic-wand brain. How to create a desire/ vision/ ideal… and then make it happen. 

That was the Tools of Manifestation part.

The experience of digging in so deep and dreaming so big is what helped me turn the key in a lot of doors that had previously been stuck.

This is the work Saturn wants you to do. This is the work your soul is calling for. Making deep foundational changes and crafting a vision for the future. And then just stepping into it. It doesn’t have to be hard, my sweet spelunker.

And that critical combo (of self-awareness and tools of manifestation) is why me and my bestie Dana Balicki (brilliant transformational coach) are hosting a totally FREE webinar on Monday, July 24th at 7pm ET. (pssst...we just added another on the 27th, if you can't make the 24th.)

Because we have some potentially very juicy support for you.

I'll be talking Astrology and this crazy Saturn Cycle roller-coaster you're on. I'll help put it all in context.

And Dana will be sharing tools and a helpful framework for accessing deeper awareness and learning how to manifest.

BTW manifestation is an art and a science that you need to learn in order to create the life you really want. It is teachable. Let us teach you.

Join us Monday. (Or Thursday.) It's free.