Hiding in the Car: Notes on Distraction (+ free hypnosis for focus)

photo by Amber Gress

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I was trying to write and instead I was just staring at the computer. My mind was blank.

My curser kept directing itself to the Safari icon. It kept automatically clicking. Facebook. Email. Facebook. Email.. I was supposed to be writing. I didn’t feel like writing. But I had a deadline. And I was doing everything I could to escape the Distraction. But it wasn't working.

So I used a trick I've got up my sleeve. I went out to the car and sat in the passenger side to write. It was like a quiet, sunny cocoon. The air was slightly stale and warm. No internet. Nowhere to go. It contained my distraction momentarily.

But what was this distraction? What was underneath it? 

Was my distraction evasion tactic going to work longterm? 

This week, with Mindset Mercury drifting close to Great Awakener Uranus, many of us have felt a lack of focus. It’s jumpy. It’s buzzy. It’s like our brains are hitting the eject button.

This planetary combo is helping us to break into a new way of thinking.

But until that happens, the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus can make the mental process feel erratic, electrical, jumpy and a little “shifty.” 

Grab this feeling. Hold on to it. Look closely.

This jumpy, distractibility is actually resistance.

When I was running from Facebook, I was actually deep in Resistance. 

I wasn’t asking myself why. I wasn’t looking resistance in they eye. I was just rummaging around for a band-aid.

Resistance is a tricky apparition. It’s the hardest thing to see.

On an emotional level, resistance is based in Fear.

You can’t always see your resistance, and you can’t always see your fear. Because it’s often so deeply rooted.

But when you can see your fear, you have unlocked a new level of mental expansion. Because when you can face the fear, you have the opportunity to walk next to it instead of running away from it.

You don’t have to lock yourself in the passenger side of the car anymore to try to write. Or whatever your version of that is. 

But why do we have this fear/resistance/distraction?

What is the purpose of fear in our lives? Fear is meant to keep us safe. It is deep and primal. 

Fear is running on old programs in the subconscious mind. Some event happens, and because we interpret it a certain way, we create a belief. That belief then drives our feelings and behaviors. This becomes a pattern or a program. It's all happening on subconscious levels until we are able to bring the pattern forward into the conscious mind and change it. Or use hypnosis to go directly to the subconscious mind to change the program.

Why do I have Fear —> Resistance —> Distraction about writing?  

I have some guesses. Some of the old fear is, "What will happen when people see me? Will they reject me? Will I be alone?"

Another version of that is, "If people don’t like what I write, or if I make a mistake, I will be ostracized and then I will be alone." (A lot of my fears end up with me being alone. As a double Libra, I totally am terrified of that idea!)

What are your fears rooted in?

Is it fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of losing your freedom? Fear of death? Fear of the unknown? Pain? Disappointment? Ridicule? Rejection?

When was the first time you felt this way?

When you feel yourself getting distracted, this is the perfect moment to do some deep inquiry! Ask yourself what you are afraid of. Ask yourself why you are running. Do a little journaling. Or take a few deep breaths and ask yourself what feeling needs to come forward. Or do a body scan and ask yourself if there is a feeling lodged in your body. Tell yourself that you are ready to feel the feeling.

You can walk next to your fear. Make friends with it. It’s a primal reaction. 

But it’s time to upgrade your thinking so that the fear doesn’t drive you.

It’s time to create what you need to create. It’s time to show up. It’s time to be fully present. The world needs your bright light.


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