When I Heard a Voice in my Head (+ scroll down for your free hypnosis recording)

Photo Credit Amber Gress

The voice in my head was really, really loud. “You have to quit your job.”

I had thought it before. But this time was different. I was just sitting on the side of my bed, putting my shoes on, thinking about whatever. And a commandment galloped out of the ether and hit me like a stampede of elephants.

Honestly, it was weird.

I didn’t normally hear voices in my head. When it happened, it seemed so strange. It was a voice. And I knew it was important. 

I considered the message. Did I have to quit my job? At the time I was bartending at a restaurant. I had been working for the company for the better part of 10 years. Every other thing in my life had somersaulted 99 times, but this one part of my identity was constant.

Had I outgrown it?


Was it making me irritable, anxious, and angry?


But there were things I loved about it too. I’m an extrovert, so it fed that part of my personality. My mindset planet Mercury is in a fixed sign, so I like to think that I know what I’m doing, where I’m going, what the game plan is. I liked the stable income. I liked the illusion of security. 

I always had a reason for why it was too soon to quit.

In fact, change seemed impossible.

But yet, there was this voice in my head. And it was freaking me out. 

It’s important for me to add here that I trusted this voice. I knew that this voice was speaking in my highest and best interest. I can’t say for sure how I knew that, but I did. The voice was my intuition, higher self, higher wisdom, inner guidance, inner healer… whatever you like to call it.

Along with the voice, there was a new responsibility. Because I was getting clearcut information, I knew that I needed to make a decision. I needed to decide: Was I going to stay in the status quo, dividing my time between the work that brought me value (astrology), and the work that brought me constancy and the illusion of security (bartending)?

Or was I going to cut the cord, with no savings, and just go for it?

The second option did not seem advisable. But in the wisdom of the voice, another idea was becoming very clear. If I carried on this way, something was going to break. And it would be me. 

Protecting myself from change and growth would break me. It was a non-option. I had to leap and the time was now. 

So I did. I started to make the transition out. It was a full year before I had completely eased out of food service. And letting go scared me, frustrated me, and challenged me. But most importantly it opened me up to a new way of seeing myself. It helped me shift to a new level of development.

“There is nothing so stable as change.” -Bob Dylan

Change has happened in my life in different ways. There have been the changes that I’ve chosen, and there have been the changes that have happened to me. The first category has been emotionally lighter. But no matter which version it is, change has often seemed worth resisting.

Because when you change, you have to let go of the old way. And when you let go, you have to go through some kind of grief process. (Remember grief? Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Grief, Acceptance? Yup. Super fun.)

And then there’s that old friend called insecurity. The idea that the old thing is stable, even though it may not work anymore. But the new thing is not provable yet. So it is not secure. And insecurity is dangerous.

Come to think of it, change is pretty scary. The subconscious mind doesn’t love it. The subconscious mind’s big job is to keep us safe. Known = safe. Unknown = dangerous. 

It’s no surprise that the number one reason people come in for an astrology session is that they are going through some kind of change. And they are seeking understanding and confirmation.

And the number one people come in for hypnosis is to have guidance and assistance in making foundational changes. Basically- getting the subconscious mind to work for the change instead of against it. 

Astrology and hypnosis are my favorite modalities for assistance in the change department. Astrology to help understand WTF is going on, and hypnosis to help make change happen. 

We know that change is inevitable. But that doesn’t keep us from avoiding it. Because change is an unknown quantity, and our subconscious mind's # 1 job is to keep us safe, change can feel scary, or wrong. But we do have to push ourselves toward it in order to grow. We have to create an elastic and welcoming relationship with change. Because when we do that, we open up to knowing ourselves better. We move away from living in response to fear, and we move toward self-actualization. 

Do you need to hear a voice in your head in order to make a change? Hell no.

So what can you do when you are sensing change coming on, but you aren't sure when, how, why, what or who?

Practice hypnosis to get closer to your inner wisdom (I've got a free recording for you below!) Meditate to get better at bearing witness to your thoughts. Meditate to develop trust in the Universe. Let go of control. Be willing to change. Tell yourself, "I am willing to change," even if you don’t know when that change will happen, what it will look like, or who you will become. Just be willing.

That will help you open up to know what you need to do, in the perfect time. 

I’ve created a short hypnosis recording to help you encounter your inner guidance. Use it for clarity. Make it a practice. Try it a couple times to familiarize yourself with the process and see how your experience changes. 

Get close to that voice in your head over here. >>>