When you can look at your life and think...

“I am in the exact perfect place.”

No matter what is happening.

When the sh#t is piling up around you— when you are standing right in a swirl of unsatisfactory outcomes, and you can still say, “I am in the exact perfect place.”


image by Jiwoon Pak

What does it take to get to that mindset?

Why is that mindset even helpful?

I’ve done so much digging in my life. I’ve looked at my core beliefs twenty thousand different ways. I’ve held space for myself to feel all of my feelings. (And that’s great because up until I was in my late 20’s I didn’t really even accept that I had feelings! And I am a very emotional person. I had it all bottled up.)

Yet, sometimes I look around and I think, “Really? I’m still dealing with this same old issue? I’ve done this already! I’ve done this work.” And I just can’t understand why it still sticks. Why the proverbial demon is not yet exorcised. 


It’s this big question mark. Why can’t I figure it out? And I know that the next step should be to dig into what is blocking me. To dig into what is causing the pattern. But all I want to do is curl up on the floor in frustration and resistance. 


And then these words show up. “I am in the exact perfect place.”

These words are important because they describe trust and acceptance. They remind that sometimes it’s not about what you DO. Sometimes it’s about allowing yourself to receive the support that is all around you. They remind that you can trust that the layers of your emotional onion will be peeled back at the exact right time. 

These words have the ability to melt away frustration. And that is really something helpful, because frustration sucks! It keeps you stuck right in the energy of the problem. 

But remember, if you are feeling frustrated, that’s okay too! Allow yourself to feel that way. Honor that you feel that way. And then remind yourself that you are in the exact perfect place. 


It can take a lot of time to get into the mindset that you are just where you need to be. And it’s not the mindset for everyone. I like it because it helps me remember that life is a long ride. It’s some kind of whirly-twirly pathway that is often challenging us to explore and learn. 

We can’t always be exactly where we want to be. But we can remember that we are growing. We can keep leaning into the fear. We can keep melting our frustration with trust and acceptance. Make the words “I am in the exact perfect place,” a part of your daily meditation or self-hypnosis. Allow yourself to be exactly where you are.

image by Dino Reichmuth