Saturn be creeping...


Saturn be creeping all over my AC right now, and let me tell you— it’s intense. For all you #astrocurious out there, here’s a little break down of what that means: 

The AC is the Eastern horizon. The point where a rising planet or constellation crests the horizon and graces our awareness with it's light. It can be called a point of identity. I like to think about it as your “brand.” It’s who you show yourself to be. It’s who people think you are, and who you want people to think you are. And although that may seem superficial— it’s not! This is a representation of how you manifest in the world. It's active, it’s a choice. 

Saturn is one of the two major Teaching planets (along with Jupiter.) Saturn has an authoritative style of teaching, and he/she can always tell when you are cheating on your quiz. Saturn doesn’t let you cut corners, ever. Why? Because Saturn wants you to grow and become a wise elder, just like him (or rather, her- Saturn was co-opted by the Patriarchy, but that’s another story.) Saturn is serious, growth-oriented, and realistic.

In Astrology we are always adding symbols together to come up with meaning. So add my AC (identity point) with Saturn (Teacher in the School of Hard Knocks) and what do you get?

The most obvious result for me right now is that I am taking myself more seriously.

I’m figuring out how to manage my time (Saturn rules time.) I’m putting myself on a schedule. As I write this, I realize that one thing I should do is make some long term plans and structures. (Saturn rules plans.) This is the great thing about Astrology is that when we start to put the symbols together, we can come up with really practical ideas for where and how to apply our energy!

Another funny and rather typical thing is that I think I am starting to look older. Oy. These lines will go away after Saturn gets the hell off my AC, right?! Haha. The AC rules your appearance. It’s how you show yourself to the world, after all. And Saturn rules old age. Oh boy.

I’m also exploring my actual brand. I’m going to be changing in the next month from Strong Eye Astrology to my name, “Sandy Sitron.” Now that I’ve added Hypnosis to my repertoire and I am feeling called to explore even more modalities (Saturn in Sagittarius,) I’ve decided that I want to “combine my power” and represent with my name. 

What’s the emotional outcome of Saturn crossing the AC?

Well, this transit can sometimes be a little depressing cause Saturn wants you to take a cold hard look. But I am rolling with it and Astrology puts it all in perspective!

It’s so nice to be able to look at a chart objectively to help understand what is really going on. 

To make this Saturn stuff more bite-size— I’m working on a Saturn Return digital product with my lovely friend and incredible transformational coach Dana Balicki. The Saturn Return is different from the transit I’m experiencing, but a lot of the key meanings are the same. Growth. Challenge. Hard work. External constraints. 

Saturn Return happens about every 27-30 years, depending on the generation. The first one (late twenties) marks a passage into responsible adulthood, the second (late fifties) moves you into maturity and the third (late eighties) helps you become an Elder. So if you are in your late twenties, fifties, or eighties, keep an eye out for it! Saturn Return Workshop will help you navigate the Saturn cycle and give you lots of tools as you make your passage into the next phase of life.